Book a visit to the household waste recycling centre

Terms and conditions

Visitors in vehicles must book an appointment to visit a recycling centre. 

Staff may be able to help you at the site but they cannot remove your waste from your vehicle. 

Vehicle restrictions

  • you can only visit in the vehicle listed on your booking
  • no hire vehicles
  • no horse boxes
  • no commercial or trade vehicles, for example tractors
  • no vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonne
  • no trailers with 3 or more axles

You cannot bring building, trade or commercial waste to any of our recycling centres. Instead you must use a licenced waste carrier to take your waste. Our commercial waste and recycling services may be able to take your waste.

If you have any problems using this service, call 01253 xxx xxx and we will help you make your booking.

If you have already made a booking, you can cancel it.