Welcome to Pentagull's demo site Penforth Council.

This fully functioning demo will give you a brief overview of our simple and easy to use HWRC booking system from a residents point of view. 

For this demo we have broken the process down into three sections. 

1. A terms and conditions page 

2. Residents details

3. Time and date of booking

The system is fully customisable with relevant branding applied to meet each customers needs.

Terms and conditions

  • Household waste only - no commercial waste
  • Only the registered vehicle will be allowed onsite at the designated time
  • No large vans, trailers or commercial vehicles, small/medium vans and pickups limited to certain sites
  • To reduce queuing do not arrive early/late
  • Householders can use the Recycling Centres up to 3 times in 7 days. Please note 3 visits per week is restricted to cars and mobility adapted vehicles only, all other vehicles remain limited to 1 visit per week
  • Accepted materials:
    • Landfill (non-recyclable and not reusable e.g. polystyrene, small items of upholstered furniture, luggage, plastic toys and furniture)
    • green garden waste
    • plastic & cans
    • paper & cardboard
    • wood (inc. MDF and logs)
    • metal (no electrical items)
    • small electrical and electronic items (no TVs/monitors or smoke/fire alarms)
    • white goods
  • We are not currently able to accept recycling point items such as glass or textiles
  • You will only be able to book soil & rubble, mattresses, and carpet recycling at certain sites. These materials will not be accepted at sites that do not have a recycling container for them.
  • Only one person to dispose of waste at the site. If the item is too heavy for one person, two people from the same household can exit the vehicle to dispose of the item.
  • Do not visit site if you have symptoms of or have been diagnosed with Covid-19
  • Please check the process for attending the site under current Covid-19 conditions, and read the site access policy and rules at www.penforth.co.uk/recyclingcentres

Privacy statement

To complete your booking, you will be required to provide personal details which Penforth Council and Penforth Resource Solutions will only use to:

  • Confirm your booking via email
  • Contact you with further information about your booking (for example if there are changes to important safety information relating to your visit)
  • To manage future bookings and ensure that you are only able to book 3 visits in 7 days until further notice for cars and mobility adapted vehicles. All other vehicles remain limited to 1 visit per week
  • To prevent misuse and waste crime